Showcase Inc. / LABA-CDC ...Inclusive initiatives
bridging business and community, through community collaboration...

Strengthening Community Partnerships
Showcase Community Services Inc. and Lancaster Avenue Business Asssociation-CDC
Remain active in supporting and building community collaborations. Our community and commercial corridor initiatives are designed to encourage clear communication between the diverse business distirct and its supporting resident communities. Advocating a respect for diversity help in the learning and working relationship needed to ensure that we collectively and effectively indentify and solve commercial corridor problems that impact the quality of life for the community as a whole. Working in collabortion with community partners enhances the community's success through the willingness and consistency of all entites identified within the territorial boundaries working together to ensure generated targeted resources reach community set goals. Such focus strengthens community and economic education, justice, and equality for low to moderate income communities.

Dr.Yapa, Professor of Geography at Penn State University, and students enrolled in the Philadelphia Field Project working in collaboration with Showcase / LABA Inc. To view a video of the Philadelphia Field Project,

The Belmont Community - University Partnership (BelCUP), a collaborative effort of community leaders, Penn State faculty and students, and Ameri*Corp VISTA personnel

“Teamwork & Unity… Are The Cornerstones of Successful Efforts”

Networking with community base organizations, businesses, faith base communities, civic groups, institutions and city agencies, linking the Lancaster Avenue Business District and its surrounded areas. Stake holders recognizing and approaching the responsibility of rebuilding our business and resident communities working as One Voice, One Association, One Community.
Empowerment & Sustaniability are the Benefits, of Working Collaboratives!