Lancaster Avenue Business Association

Celebrating - 2 Decades/Plus of
Community Service

LABA today, bridging business and community...Since 1986

LABA-CDC, has experienced many victories throughout the past twenty plus years of service. Much appreciation is extended to those community partners and volunteers having worked with us and continue your efforts of support, as we collectively address our commerical corridor and community beautification needs.

Corridor Beautification Programs

Clean / Sweep & Beautification Plus Initiative: (LABA-CDC Corridor Maintenance Program)
Since 1990, Showcase Inc. / LABA has provided leadership initiating the removal of rubbish on vacant lots- on and in the immediate area of Lancaster Avenue. Through this effort to date eight vacant lots have received attention from the Mayor's Neighborhood Transformation Initaitive and the Philadelphia Green Programs. We support a cleaner environment by organizing volunteers to work hands on in LABA Corridor Clean / Sweeps.Through the LABA Inclusive Initiative in collaboration with Peoples Emergency Center-PECCDC . LABA was instrumental in offering support to PEC in receiving funding to extend clean-up three days a week on the corridor from 38th to 43rd on Lancaster. This service project stems from the continued efforts of the Showcase Inc. / LABA and its goal to provide the LABA Clean-Sweep & Beauification Plus Program, designed to provide extended cleaning service along the corridor 40th - 52nd - 52nd -63rd creating a cleaner environment the length of the business corridor and its adjacent corners. Our accomplishment is the success of the continued maintenance and controlled dumping at the lots and along the corridor. LABA is helping in the process of neighborhood revitalization, on the Historical Lancaster Avenue, making the area more inviting for daily shoppers and potential developers.LABA Clean /Sweep Initiative has been revised, its enhanced objective is met by its new name-

LABA-CDC- Corridor Maintenance Program. (Currently seeking funding support)

The collaboration extends the corridor - LABA-CDC continues building collaborations, with the help of E-Z- West Philadelphia Empowerment Zone, Ready, Willing & Able cleans an added 3 days a week from 44th to 54th on Lancaster Avenue and the adjacent area targeting the empowerment zone. Beautification Plus is the phase of the corridor maintenance program that identifies with physical and fa'cade improvements to properties painting, streetscaping, tree/flower planting, to create a greening affect within the business corridor extending to local neighborhoods.

Graffiti Removal
Since 1989, Showcase Inc. / LABA has worked with the City of Philadelphia in the implementation of a "Zero Graffiti Program " for Lancaster Avenue, the city program responds to request for graffiti removal from buildings to stop vandelizing and defacing properties. Showcase Inc./ LABA-CDC supports The Mural Arts Program in support of talented artist, and community murals designed to replace blight and enhance the beauty in the urban communities. Showcase Inc. / LABA-CDC remains active in targeting possible sites for Mural Art, along the business strip. Currently there are seven Mural Sites that decor our Avenue. (Philadelphia Mural Arts Program)

Goal- to maintain a Graffiti free business corridor and advocate Cultural & Artistic Expression on LA.

The Plus
The Plus is the Education Phase, that promotes the LABA-"Take the Pledge" educating through "No Liter" promotions, advertisement and workshops, re-educating the values of a Clean Environment and how collectively both business and community can address the concerns and contribute to this initiaitve.

Goal- To maintain and increase collaboration with CBO's, and corridor stakeholders geared towards collective revitalization project initiatives. To obtain funding support for LABA-CDC Corridor Maintenance Program designed to provide extended cleaning service along the corridor, 40th - 52nd --- 52nd -63rd creating a cleaner environment the length of the business corridor. This program introduces a local contractor that provides a sustainable community outreach service with training and employment opportunity. (photos)

Business Services
Community Service Programs

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