Leadership Profile -

" Sister Muhammad "

"Let there arise out of you a band of people , enjoining what is right,
and forbidding what is wrong" Holy Quran

Sister Aisamah Muhammad recognized in the business community and throughout the resident communities, as "Sister Muhammad" a pious Muslim-American Woman, respected for her fair business dealings, kindness and sincere concern for people, and her daily display of concern for her community as a whole. Practical Nurse by profession, Sister Muhammad devoted sixteen years of nursing and hospice care to homebound and facility resident persons of diverse nationalities and cultural lifestyles. " I enjoyed helping humanity in the nursing field. My final years of nursing practice were best spent caring for my beloved father, until his passing Feb. 2001 and my dear husband until his passing Feb. 2002. May our Creator accept their best intentions and their good deeds grant them a place in paradise. Two men I highly respected and felt blessed and honored to have been chosen as a daugther of and a helpmate to, during our moments of life shared and their completion and transition from this life. Our spiritual connection lives on,".

Sister Muhammad embraced the vision of her late husband while working closely under his leadership for seven years as Executive Assistant Director. Her sincere compassion for humanity, self and community empowerment partnered with her will to survive, along with her leadership ability compelled her to succeed her late husband , and was elected as President / Chief Executive Officer of Operations at the offices of Showcase Community Services Inc. and as director of its number one program / Lancaster Avenue Business Association-Community Development Corporation, playing a key role in maintaining the momentum of the non-profit organization, its services and presence in the community. Sister Muhammad immediately assess the scope and direction of the organization and how to best maintain and improve upon the services offered through its programs and project entities. Sister Muhammad restructured what was a skeleton / non-active board of directors and elected a top notch organizational committee of officers forming a new board. A collaboration of professionals, business and service providers and resident persons of the West Philadelphia Community. Each participant volunteering individual expertise to assist in the process of rebuilding a strong executive management team. It is our collective interest to stablize the foundation of the original mission and goal of the non-profit as envisioned by the founder. "It would seem such a waste, if we didn't take the initiative to recognize the pioneers of our communities. Those of whom, having left a legacy of hard work and good intentions behind. It appears to me that the efforts of those historians paved the way for those of us who actually viewed their vision and deem it necessary to at least try to continue their very works, once maintained can ultimately be beneficial to many. Not let the vision go dim, instead continue breathing life into it by embracing the vision making it your very own. Taking ownership of this vision makes clearer its need and the reward of its works will again successfully benefit many. You then become the visionary with a purpose, Your efforts implemented remain unselfish, your focus remain firm as your consistency bring about change regardless of the obstacles met, thus, keeping the vision in view bringing it into reality".